THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13 • 6:30-9:00PM

Jarvis Memorial UMC is excited to bring back Dr. Jim Burns, for a workshop for parents and grandparents of all-aged children.

Snapchat, texting, music, movie & tv content, sexting, online bullying, and cell phones being the largest distributor of pornography... Today’s parents are dealing with something they never had when they were young, 24-hour access to anything.
Is it possible to create a media safe home?

Jim Burns believes you can. It’s easier to start early but it’s never too late. In this session, Jim Burns will tackle the practical questions about media and help you develop media, music, and movie contracts with your kids. This fast-paced seminar is filled with laughter, inspiring media, a Biblical perspective on media as well as practical ideas and information you need to help your kids make wise decisions about media and technology.

 Come learn from Dr. Jim Burns, who speaks to thousands all across the world each year and has over 1.5 million resources in print in over 25 languages. He will be teaching us how to create a media safe home. It’s easier when you start early, but it’s never too late so register now, it’s only $10 per person or $15 per couple (includes Chick-fil-a dinner)