Boy Scout Troop 30 Centennial

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Centennial celebration

Saturday, october 28 at 6pm
Taft Christian Life Center

Boy Scout Troop 30 invites all past and present Scouts and Scouters, Friends and Family, to assemble for an evening of Fun and Fellowship. Come gather round the fire to share old stories and rekindle the scouting spirit

Boy Scout Troop 30 has a long history, tracing its roots back to the earliest days of Scouting in Pitt County. The first Eagle Scout from the area was a member of this troop. Since that day, over 120 members of the troop have achieved the rank.

Our troop has many generations of members (some from the same family!). It is our hope to bring together many of these former members, friends and families for a this special event.

The evening will feature a meal of simple scout fare and plenty of fun and fellowship.